Fee Details


Special rebates & Scholarships are given to students. Students recommended by State Govts are given concessions.

From 1st of April, 2020 for
English medium will be Rs.1,25,000/- (excl. GST)
Hindi medium it will be Rs.1,00,000/- (incl. GST).
The fees of certificate courses would be Rs 75,000/- (excl. GST)

1st installment (to be paid at the time of registration).

2nd installment (to be paid before commencement of classes).

3rd installment-(to be paid within one month of commencement of classes).

The above fees includes P.T., Mains & Interview preparations (classes + all kinds of study material & test papers- objective & subjective). It also includes the office support even after the completion of the course (material + test papers + interview guidance program).

Fees once paid, is neither refundable nor adjustable under any circumstances, whatsoever. Late payment of fees due (if any) would make the student liable to pay a fine of Rs.100/- (rupees hundred only) per day to be counted from the due date of such payment. You might also be stopped from attending the classes in case of such a default. The proprietor holds the discretion to allow such late payment under reasonably explained circumstances. Written permission would be required to be taken for that purpose personally only from the Academy.

In case you take permission for installment payment of fees, provisional I-D card will be issued only for one month. If the fees is not paid on the due date, the validity of the I-D card will lapse on such date and the security guards at the class room will not allow you to enter the class, unless you have obtained a prior permission from the proprietor in that regard.